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A selection of our studio's finest canapé, Lumière is meticulously crafted to dazzle guests with radiant flavors and artful presentation, Lumière toasts the year's brightest and grandest celebrations.

Macadamia Honey Truffle and Caramel Popcorn

An indulgent combination of macadamia honey truffle, offering a velvety texture, paired with the satisfying crunch of caramel popcorn

Foie Gras Mousse with Enhanced Cherry Compote and Chocolate Almond Thin

A foie gras mousse, enhanced by a lusciously tangy cherry compote, and finished with a delicate chocolate almond thin

Hokkaido Oyster with
Rose Granita, Strawberry and Black Pepper

A delicate yet briny Hokkaido oyster, enhanced with a refreshing rose granita, sweetness from strawberry, and a hint of black pepper

Sweet Jasmine and Ginger Sorbet

A delightful sorbet with the smoothness of sweet jasmine and the gentle warmth of ginger, refreshing to the palette

Parmesan Pannacotta with Shrimp Scampi, Pistachio Dust and Melon Pearls

The flavors of Parmesan, succulent shrimp scampi, and the delightful crunch of pistachio dust, all complemented by the refreshing burst of melon pearls

Chestnut Paste, Porcini Cream with Candied Guanciale

An earthy and savory symphony of chestnut paste, velvety porcini cream, and the irresistible sweetness of candied guanciale

Rose Cream, Lychee Pop and Grapefruit Segment on Swiss Meringue

A luscious rose-infused cream paired with the tender sweetness of lychee and the refreshing tang of grapefruit segments atop a delicate Swiss meringue

Rose Lychee Mocktail

An exquisite blend of floral notes from rose and the sweetness of lychee in a refreshing mocktail that delights the senses

Oscietra Caviar on Orange Peel Crème Fraiche and
Pink Peppercorn Financier

A harmonious blend of briny Oscietra caviar, citrus-infused crème fraiche, and a hint of pink peppercorn spice, showcased on a delicate pink peppercorn financier

Macaron Burrata Caprese with Sundried Tomato and Balsamic Pearls

A unique combination of a macaron with creamy burrata, balanced with the acidity of sundried tomato and the burst of flavor from balsamic pearls

​Elevate your event with high cocktail tables, adorned with tea candles and elegant centerpieces.

Cocktail Tables

​Enjoy a comprehensive bar service with an assortment of glassware, ice and all the essential accoutrements for your beverages.

Bar Service

​Let our talented chefs take center stage with their on-site service, providing a unique culinary experience for your guests to enjoy.

Chef Service

Our uniformed and expertly trained waitstaff will ensure a seamless and professional dining experience for your event.


Linens, Serveware, Platers, and Risers and Floral Arrangements



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