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The catering arm of the beloved Bizu Patisserie, our catering studio has upheld the same standards of excellence and adopted the passion for the exquisite. With two decades of experience in fine food and exceptional service, we take pride in being the most prestigious fine-catering studio in the Philippines. With each celebration, we honor your most cherished treasures and savored moments.

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Chestnut Paste, Porcini Cream with Candied Guanciale

An earthy and savory symphony of chestnut paste, velvety porcini cream, and the irresistible sweetness of candied guanciale

Foie Gras Mousse with Enhanced Cherry Compote and Chocolate Almond Thin

A foie gras mousse, enhanced by a lusciously tangy cherry compote, and finished with a delicate chocolate almond thin

Hokkaido Oyster with
Rose Granita, Strawberry and Black Pepper

A delicate yet briny Hokkaido oyster, enhanced with a refreshing rose granita, sweetness from strawberry, and a hint of black pepper

Macadamia Honey Truffle and Caramel Popcorn

An indulgent combination of macadamia honey truffle, offering a velvety texture, paired with the satisfying crunch of caramel popcorn

Macaron Burrata Caprese with Sundried Tomato and Balsamic Pearls

A unique combination of a macaron with creamy burrata, balanced with the acidity of sundried tomato and the burst of flavor from balsamic pearls

Oscietra Caviar on Orange Peel Crème Fraiche and
Pink Peppercorn Financier

A harmonious blend of briny Oscietra caviar, citrus-infused crème fraiche, and a hint of pink peppercorn spice, showcased on a delicate pink peppercorn financier



Celebrate your love with a grand banquet or intimate wedding reception that will be remembered and cherished for the years to come.


From birthdays and anniversaries to momentous get-togethers, mark your special day with party catering to make your day even more memorable.


Whether hosting a corporate event or an office luncheon, commemorate your team and milestones with catering that's as exceptional as your organization.

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